Home Front

Carl Strandlund should have gotten a big piece of the post-World War II-technology-boom pie. His Lustrons -- porcelain-enameled, steel houses made on an assembly line and supposedly fire-proof and maintenance-free -- were supposed to be the easy answer to a housing shortage that had left families without a place to put their shiny Sunbeam blenders. But Lustron declared bankruptcy before a tenth of the 20,000 orders for homes were filled. Why?

Though many speculators blamed the collapse of the steel industry, the documentary Lustron: The House America's Been Waiting For paints a picture of government corruption extending into the Truman White House. The rest of the story will shock you further -- especially if you inhabit one of the 1,800 remaining Lustron homes. The Aurora Picture Show is hosting a screening of the documentary and a reception and post-film Q&A with producer Bill Ferehawk at 7 p.m.
Thu., July 27, 7 p.m.


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