Hot Trends for Fall 2011: Five Looks We Love for Guys

Fashion is not just for women, okay? Men can--and do--care about the way they look. And while menswear runways might not get the same attention as the ladies' catwalks, guys can benefit from a few minutes of scrutinizing what emerges from September Fashion Week. The best news is that many of this year's trends are modern takes on the classics, so you may be able to pull out something old and make it new again.

This year several trends remained in the forefront, on both men's and women's fall runways: '70s wide-legs and exaggerated flare-legged pants; biker tough-meets-edgy punk; androgyny for everyone! It is fun to buy the pieces that are really "out there" and "chic" for the season, but when trends go they are gone, and then you have a dated piece of clothing you are less likely to continue wearing. To get the most bang for your buck out of the 2011 fall trends, we suggest incorporating some of the more classic notes that emerged, ones that emphasize great tailoring and classic looks that will be easy to incorporate into your current--and future--wardrobe.

5. Blue-Faced Watches

The GQ Fall Trend Report calls blue-faced watches one of the hottest trends for 2011. Jim Moore, writing for GQ, states, "It's not like wearing a bright color, it's just a color that looks good with everything, so it was great to see this sweeping trend. A lot of the styling on the watches isn't that different if the face was black, but the blue gives it a pop."

The other great thing about blue-faced watches is that they are available in every price point, whether you want to invest in a $18,000 Rolex or a $100 Timex. Blue is fun and colorful without being overtly "trendy"--would you would wear a bright green watch for years? And how often would a platinum-and-white luxury watch make it into your everyday wardrobe? If you are a watch collector it might make sense to own as many watches as you could buy, but if you are looking to purchase just one new piece this season a blue-faced watch is a good investment; you will continue to wear it for years, and it goes with just about everything.

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