Houston Comets vs. L.A. Sparks

Okay, so the Houston Comets are in second-to-last place, not much of a threat to anyone and certainly not worth having as an archenemy. But back in the day when they were whipping everybody’s ass and going four for four in the championships (gosh, does anyone else miss Cynthia Cooper?), the Comets and the Sparks were pretty much “break-her-arm-and-take-the-flagrant-foul-call” rivals. They’re 7-16 at this writing, but thankfully, there’s still some lingering acrimony between the two teams, mostly because Tina Thompson had to follow in Lisa Leslie’s footsteps her whole career. Thompson followed Leslie to Southern Cal, and every career marker Thompson attained had already been won by Leslie. It also doesn’t help that Mwadi Mabika (from the Congo), Temeka Johnson (from Louisiana State) and a couple of the other L.A. players aren’t above some extra shoving underneath the basket now and then. They’ve split their first two meetings so far this season, and with only three more home games, the Comets might just play a balls-out, ignore-the-ref game. Wouldn’t that be nice?


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