Houston Mega-Lawyer Mark Lanier Plays "Mark Lanier" In New Courtroom Drama

You hear about a movie called


, you gotta figure it's about a killer tire, right? Even if there are lawyers involved?

Sadly the above clip is not for Puncture, which is about syringes and lawsuits, and features Houston mega-lawyer Mark Lanier in a cameo role.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Lanier has a role in the movie, which involves "an antitrust case involving a patented safety syringe and one syringe-maker's battle to get to market, told through a small personal injury firm" which, ummmm, sounds interesting?

It made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival recently, and Lanier -- known for his epic Christmas parties -- plays a lawyer.

Lanier's firm was involved in the suit the movie is based on, and he told the Journal "I play the role of a lawyer named 'Mark Lanier.'"

Lanier is apparently in three scenes. The film's cast also features Houston's Brett Cullen.

Coming to a theater near you? Maybe not anytime soon. But if they wised up and used a killer tire like the trailer above.....


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