Houston Web Awards

The Internet is like The Force in Star Wars. It surrounds us. It binds us together. It has a light side and a dark side … okay, it has a dark side and a less dark side, but the analogy really holds up in the fact that some people use it to do great things and others don't. The Houston Press honors the former at the third annual Houston Web Awards, a celebration of the city's best online ambassadors. ''Houstonians love to share our ideas, our lives … with one another, and we are increasingly doing it online,'' says our own Jeff Balke, who also notes that H-town is a leader in the creative use of technology. ''It's no surprise the winners of this year's Web Awards show us the best of what the Internet can be.'' Over the course of the last year, winners showed inventive and effective ways to connect with fans, patrons, customers and complete strangers; raise money for great causes; expose douchebaggery with the megawatt flashlight of social media; and, most of all, spread one-of-a-kind content far and wide.

7 p.m. House of Deréon Media Center, 2204 Crawford St. For information, visit houstonpress.com. $20 to $25.
Thu., June 27, 7-10 p.m., 2013


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