How Many Puppets Can Fit into a Phone Booth?: Three New Works for the Puppet Stage

BooTown uses art to discuss the important issues in life, such as its latest effort, How Many Puppets Can You Fit into a Phone Booth? Two puppet plays and a new play by Bobbindoctrin master puppeteer Canella Clements make up the program. A Bloody Puppet Show, which takes place during an episode of The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, involves a strange version of the Ice Capades and a musical appearance by the band GWAR. Next, A Sandbox Love Story will walk you through the painful and confusing nature of love at an age when you are completely ignorant of the words to express affection. As a bonus, the music score is by Lucas Gorham of the critically acclaimed Grandfather Child. Clements will close out the evening with the drama No Soy Marinero, a PG-13 play loosely based on Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner. The puppets that star in Marinero were all constructed from genuine Galveston sea trash Clements scavenged for the project. 8 p.m. October 29, November 4 and 5. Caroline Collective, 4820 Caroline. For information, call 832‑541-2861 or visit Pay-what-you-can.
Sat., Oct. 29, 8 p.m.; Fri., Nov. 4, 8 p.m.; Sat., Nov. 5, 8 p.m., 2011


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