Hudson, Texas
Hudson, Texas
Jaysen Clark

Hudson, Texas

SAT 11/6

The last time Turntables on the Hudson came to Houston, rain was forecast, and a few ominous drops were falling as Nappy G, Mariano and Nickodemus took the stage. Three hours later, the rain was still coming, but frankly, a tornado could have blown through, picked up the bar itself and flung it into the Gulf of Mexico, and people would have kept on dancing. The Panhandle, a boat/bar perched alongside the Hudson River in Manhattan's Chelsea District, is the regular home for percussionist Nappy G and DJs Nickodemus and Mariano. They've gained quite a following a bit downriver, though: This will be the third time this year alone that hip Houstonians have flocked to see them play at the Social, which, incidentally, is about as close as a Houston venue gets to a swank New York hot spot.

This month, the trio is celebrating the release of their album Turntables on the Hudson Vol. 5, an assembly of their most popular party anthems. Last time they graced our town, they spun a feverish blend of global dance music, and even the most overplayed tracks were given a thrilling boost by an unexpected blend (think 50 Cent's "In tha Club" mixed with Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner.")

It's seriously good stuff that might just make you wish you were in Manhattan -- but be glad you're in Texas. Our bars have their own parking lots. Doors open at 7 p.m. Saturday, November 6. The Social, 3730 Washington. For information, call 713-426-5585 or visit $10. -- Julia Ramey

The Ashford Arms' Screwdriver

The guy sitting next to me was starting to concern me. I was hanging out at Ashford Arms (14605 Perthshire, 281-497-5316) as the World Series, and my beloved baseball season, came to a close. Somewhere off in the galaxy, a lunar eclipse was playing out to mountain goats and tripped-out star worshipers. Meanwhile, I was getting loaded on screwdrivers and listening to this yahoo tell me about how he got attacked by a large falcon on the roof of some high-rise. By the time he heard the feathers flapping, he was knocked out cold. His arms flailed about as he tried to imitate this large bird. Another drink was placed in front of me as he described the blood dripping down his face as he ran inside to take cover. I'm thinking, Christ, either this guy is telling the truth or he just escaped from the loony ward! Maybe he could hear my thoughts, because he abruptly turned back to his watered-down drink and sat there quietly. I threw back my cocktail, waiting to hear the end of the damn story. But it was not to be. My eyes followed a tall redhead leaving the bar alone, and when I turned back to my delusional stranger, he was gone.

1-3/4 ounces Absolut vodka
Splash of orange juice

Pour vodka haphazardly into a glass with ice. Try not to spill. With your least shaky hand add a splash of juice. Raise the glass carefully to your lips and savor. Best enjoyed before work. -- J.W. Crooker


TUE 11/9

Let's say you're a budding filmmaker. You're probably tired of this oil town and ready to break out to a place where everyone's as indie and underground as you. Don't pack the U-Haul yet. Members of the Southwest Alternate Media Project are gathering today for a screening of a new installment of The Territory, SWAMP's weekly PBS series. You can discuss The Territory's cutting-edge film and video segments, check out the DJ and register to win some swag. And should you amble in with less than a blockbuster budget, no worries. The first 15 folks in get a free drink. 8 p.m. Tuesday, November 9. Dean's Credit Clothing, 316 Main. For information, call 713-522-8592 or visit Free. -- Steven Devadanam

The Art of Motoring

SAT 11/6

If you were enamored by the automotive lovefest that was the Art Car Parade and have found yourself jonesing for more metallic sharks or toilets on wheels, take heart. On World Art Car Day, you can start off with a mini art car workshop from noon to 3 p.m. at the Art Car Museum (140 Heights ). Then at 4 p.m., pack up and follow the art car procession up and down Heights. Later, hit Jenni's Noodle House (2130 Jefferson) for a post-party at 10 p.m., complete with a band, beer specials and more than 50 "fire-breathing" cars. "It's basically art cars gone wild," says Jenni's Scott Weaver. The free-wheelin' happens Saturday, November 6. For information and a schedule, call 713-861-5526 or visit Free. -- Steven Devadanam


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