Humane Roller Derby?

For the superwomen of roller derby, injuries like black eyes (pow!), bruised tailbones (bam!) and broken legs (zowie!) are just part of playing hard. But like all supers, these tough ladies have a real weakness, too: puppies and kitties. It's true. Today's Houston Roller Derby Bout No. 4 is not only a knock-down drag-out sports match among four teams of certified hosses; it's also a benefit for the Houston Humane Society. Save your cooing, though -- the only thing sweet about this hard-core flat-track action will be the thrill of victory as each of the two winning teams vies for the championship game in September. First, the Psych Ward Sirens battle the Bayou City Bosses. Then, after a half-time show by Private Eye, the Machete Betties take on the Burlesque Brawlers. Check out the hot wheels at 7 p.m.
Sun., May 20, 6 p.m.


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