Ice Skating at Discovery Green and Hollywood's Love of That Cold, Hard Playground

A field of dreams
A field of dreams
Photo courtesy Discovery Green

In less than a month and a half, the model boat basin at Discovery Green will receive its annual makeover, turning it into a treacherous slick of cold, hard ice that punishes people who dare to step onto it a pristine outdoor skating rink.

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology that allows us to plunk down an outdoor ice rink in Houston, Texas, The ICE presented by XFINITY™ is 7,716 square feet, making it the largest outdoor rink in the South and Southwest, according to a press release announcing the upcoming event. There's a separate toddler rink, because, well it's pretty obvious why that's a good idea.

For whatever reason, Hollywood likes making movies with ice skating in them, probably because they always seem to offer a chance for people to improve both their skating and their characters as they overcome obstacles and maybe provide some comic relief on the side.

Here's some of our favorites to put you in the mood:

5. Cutting Edge: Two Olympic Dreams in one movie with both figure skaters and hockey players.

4, Ice Princess: Teen dreams of ice skating success while working at the mall in usual not-appreciated style.

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