14 Pews from the inside
14 Pews from the inside
Courtesy of Cressandra Thibodeaux

Indie in the Heights: 14 Pews Will Celebrate First Anniversary with Birthday Bash

Start-up DIY venues tend to be like new magazines: There's a good chance that after a year, they'll be outta here.

This coming October marks one year of existence for 14 Pews. Located in an old church (hence the name) in the Heights, Cressandra Thibodeaux, an accomplished photographer and moving-pictures maker, has presented indie films, left-of-field music and bizarro shindigs such as the Southern Napist Convention.

The space at 800 Aurora Street, which used to house the Aurora Picture Show, has filled a need on the repertory movie tip, especially since Angelika closed in August 2010. (Sundance Cinemas Houston is slated to open this fall in that space.) And people have shown up, which, in a way, could mean that local folks give a you-know-what about creative stuff at a time when arts education is constantly getting the shaft in terms of financial backing.

On October 15, 14 Pews will throw an anniversary party that will triple as a fundraiser and membership drive. Entertainment will include beer and wine, tarot card readings and puppet tomfoolery.

The event will be held at a private home. For more information, check out the 14 Pews website.


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