Intersection New Music Collective: Stories in Verse

Composer B.P. Herrington has used the Intersection New Music Collective to bring a wide range of new classical works to the Houston area since 2008. The group’s latest concert is Stories in Verse, which mixes poetry and music. The poetry will be provided by Dr. Paul Ruffin, the 2009 Texas State Poet Laureate. The Sam Houston State University professor has published more than 800 poems dealing with subjects as diverse as being lowered into the family well to retrieve a cat's skeleton to the strange suicide of Larry Walters (the man who flew with balloons tied to his lawn chair). Also on the schedule is Kyle Kindred’s musical composition ''Three Virtues.'' The piece honors Eleanor Munger, founder of Houston's Omega House, a hospice center for dying HIV/AIDS patients. Kindred's flute concerto illustrates the three virtues Kindred saw exemplified in Munger: perseverance, kindness and hope. More poetry by Leon Stokesbury and music by John Lane and Stephen Yip complete the program.
Mon., Nov. 5, 7:30 p.m., 2012


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