It's Your Birthday

Don't ask KPFT DJ Rad Rich how old he'll be this week. "I don't answer that question," says the host of Rad Rich's Rock and Roll Revue. "That's one of the mysteries about Rad Rich. Next question."

Ah, whateva! But Rich will disclose that today's "Rad Rich Birthday Back 2 School Radical Backyard Bash" will be, shall we say, freakin' nuts! Twenty-seven acts are on today's bill, and they'll be performing not in a backyard but in the climate-controlled Meridian. The bill includes punk (UYUS, Oteki), metal (Burnt Face Jack), rockabilly (Luxurious Panthers) and other forms of rock that Rich plays on his long-running radio show, along with rappers (V-Zilla, Derail) and DJs (DJ Ceeplus & the House of Bad Knives).

This all-day festival also serves as a benefit. Portions of the proceeds will go to local electronica/disco DJ Eban Doss, who is undergoing treatment for skin cancer.

Rich wants to invite all to this eclectic party. "Rad Rich is all about bringing people together -- black, white, brown, whatever," he says. "It's all about community." And how long have you been on earth channeling this vibe, Rich?

"Next question." Damn!
Fri., Aug. 18, 2:30 p.m.


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