Joe Rogan

Actor/stand-up comedian/reality game-show host Joe Rogan knows disgusting when he sees it. He’s perhaps best known for Fear Factor, the supremely disgusting yet wildly successful gross-out reality game show. In what some would say was an unexpected flurry of good taste and decorum, NBC canceled Fear Factor in 2012 after subjecting its contestants to the unspeakably offensive, albeit inarguably original, challenge of drinking donkey semen and urine, a stunt that offended even Rogan’s stalwart sensibilities. But it’s not just drinking donkey pee that Rogan finds disgusting; it’s joke thieves as well. “The comics I hate are thieves. Nothing’s more disgusting than a guy who steals another person’s ideas and tries to claim them as his own,” the former co-star of fellow funnyman Phil Hartman’s final project, News Radio, told Playboy magazine. “When you snatch little pieces of other people’s lives and try to palm them off as your own, that’s more disgusting than anything,” he philosophizes, punctuating it with: “Robin Williams is a huge thief.” Donkey pee and Robin Williams, yeah, there’s a joke in there somewhere.

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Fri., Oct. 18, 8 p.m., 2013


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