John Cage: Happy 100th!

When someone speaks of avant-garde composer John Cage, you probably think of his most famous work, 4’33”. The piece is famous for being silent — or rather, for being three movements of the ambient sounds around you as it’s performed. There is simply no other figure in contemporary composition like Cage, who did such things as altering his pianos by placing objects between the strings, or writing his sheet music without staves using colored lines. The new Liminal Space Contemporary Music Ensemble celebrates the maestro’s 100th birthday this week with a tribute performance, John Cage: Happy 100th!. Scheduled pieces include ''Music for Amplified Toy Piano,'' adapted for a collection of metallic toy instruments, ''Imaginary Landscape No. 5'' for 42 phonographic records, and a new work for electric guitar and marimba by George Heathco, titled ''Nine Moments for Cage.'' The most daring mind in music still resonates among musicians today, and this is a rare chance to sample some of his lesser known but incredible works.
Wed., Sept. 5, 7:30 p.m., 2012


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