Take T-Mac to the top playing NBA Live 2005 this 
Take T-Mac to the top playing NBA Live 2005 this weekend.
Courtesy of EA Sports

Joystick Jams

SAT 9/24
There comes a time in every man's life when he finally accepts that his secret dream of making it to the NBA will never come true. This usually happens when he's sitting on the couch watching a basketball game and realizes that all the players on the screen are ten years his junior. Fortunately, there's the vicarious thrill of video games that let you shoot, dunk and spin like your name's Tracy McGrady. For all you joystick ballers, check out the NBA Live 2005 tournament at the Go Ballistic Video Game Center. Anyone can show up to enter the single-elimination tournament that will crown the best basketball player, er, video gamer in all of Houston. Games will be played on Sony PlayStation 2 consoles in front of big-screen televisions. First-round players are randomly pitted against each other for eight-minute games. The semifinal and championship games will be the regulation 48 minutes (so you can really get into character). The winner of it all takes home a copy of the hotly anticipated NBA Live 2006. Finally, you can prove what kind of skills you have on the court. And don't worry -- no real athletic ability is required. 2 p.m. Saturday, September 24. 13505 Westheimer. For information, call 281-679-1600 or visit www.goballisticgames.com. Free. -- Mosi Secret

Cover Your Bases

You've been watching the Astros' run for the playoffs on TV, showing up for home games and screaming for your favorite players whenever you can. Now there's just one question on your mind: Is it too late for me to score that MLB lifestyle? Heck no! Just birth some kids, get 'em in Little League and raise yourself a pro baseball player. If you've already taken care of the birthing part, then get started with Neartown Little League, which is holding fall baseball training and development classes for tykes and teens through the end of November. Categories range from T-ball and machine-pitch squads to the "majors," for older boys and girls. (Which is where the sports scouts usually start showing up to games. Ka-ching!) Classes continue through November 30. For information, registration and a team schedule, visit www.neartownll.org. $10. -- Steven Devadanam


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