Kerouac Fest 2013: Go!Go!Go!

Author Jack Kerouac, who lived fast, died young and spawned the Beat Generation in his wake, is among the most romantic literary figures in contemporary times. The Orange Show showcases Kerouac's contributions to the world of art in its Kerouac Fest 2013 Go!Go!Go! The triple G's are a quote from Kerouac's most famous work, On the Road, a semi-autobiographical novel of jazz, travel and drug use that remains incredibly influential on today's writers: ''Out we jumped in the warm, mad night, hearing a wild tenorman bawling horn across the way, going 'EEYAH! EEYAH! EEYAH!' and hands clapping to the beat and folks yelling, 'Go, go, go!''' On the Road is the main focus of the festival, with selected readings from the novel. Other events include panel discussions and poetry readings by Gerald Cedillo, Stephen Gros, Ken Jones, Dean Liscum and Tracy Lyall. Setting the mood will be jazz performances by Free Radicals and the Cory Wilson Trio.
Sat., March 9, 3-10 p.m., 2013


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