Fifth grade revisited: Getting ballsy with WAKA.
Fifth grade revisited: Getting ballsy with WAKA.
Courtesy of WAKA

Kicking It

Picture yourself, for a moment, back in those playground glory days: There you are, wearing the kind of T-shirt that years later you'll be donning purely for irony. Eddie, that nose-picking kid in the Velcro shoes, launches a red rubber ball at you. Your foot meets it straight on, sending it well over his head. As your friends cheer, you jog to home base, making sure Eddie sees your smug grin. Now, thanks to the World Adult Kickball Association, you can relive your fifth-grade heyday on Thursdays at Jaycee Park, where Texas Republic Division teams meet to kick it. "It's 51 percent social, 49 percent athletic," says Colette Chaput, who coordinates the division. Four teams of 15 players meet each week to play the baseball-inspired game; afterward, they party at the Tavern on West Gray. Your registration goes toward T-shirts, equipment and raucous social parties. "There's structure," says Chaput, "but not too much." Sign up for the final days of the winter season now, or join the spring teams in April. But be sure to leave your weekend-warrior friends at home. "It's just kickball," says Chaput. "I mean, we've been known to have people smoking on the field during games." Play kicks off at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. Thursdays through April 21. 1300 Seamist. For information and registration, visit $65 Steven Devadanam

Save the Ivy Leaguers

SUN 2/27

We're not into guilt trips, but consider the crisis facing the Southwest Lacrosse Officials Association. According to the group, more than 2,000 kids and adults in the greater Houston area play lacrosse, that Ivy League staple. But their ability to enjoy the sport is in jeopardy because of a severe lack of officials. Now Jimmy from Pearland may never get that lacrosse scholarship to Brown. Kyle from Memorial will never get his full ride to Princeton. Do you want that on your conscience? Officials from all sports, parents of lacrosse players and former players are being encouraged to participate in referee training for the 2005 season. The Little League baseball team doesn't need one more umpire, but Travis from Katy does need your help getting him into Harvard. Won't you do your part? 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday, February 27. Courtyard by Marriott Brookhollow, 2504 North Loop West. For information, call 281-324-3442 or e-mail Free. Steven Devadanam


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