Killer Cuts
Killer Cuts
Joe Rocco

Killer Cuts

SAT 10/29
It's way kitschy and gory, but The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is still one of the most influential horror flicks of all time. So what's happened since the STIHL-wielding Leatherface first hacked up all those hillbilly hippies in rural Texas back in 1974? Well, some forgettable sequels were made (and remade). And in 2002, former Hyperia club owner Neil Heller founded the Texas Turntable Massacre, a party featuring DJs from around the city slashing up the dance floor with killer cuts. "It's one night where the music is going to be good, but the guests will be center-stage," says Heller. "Your entertainment is everywhere."

This year, Heller has moved the party to the swanky new downtown club Next. DJs Sean Carnahan, Randall Jones and the Boys and Girls Club DJs will be on hand to provide dance-friendly tunes. The treats for the eyes will come courtesy of hot dancers dressed as bloodthirsty butchers, Leatherface-costumed Next employees and, of course, screenings of the entire Texas Chainsaw Massacre catalog. You're strongly encouraged to come gussied up in your Halloween best, but your finest weekend attire will do in a pinch.

"Everyone else comes out dressed in wigs and crazy outfits," says Carnahan, who spun at the first Massacre. "It's the crowd that gives it that spark." The chopping starts at 9 p.m. Saturday, October 29. 2020 McKinney. For tickets, call 713-221-8833 or visit $10. -- Travis Ritter



Pub Fiction's Bacardi Fiction

When my friend Eileen asks me to come see her at work, which just so happens to be a bar, I say, "Well"you know how I hate bars." When I hear it's called Pub Fiction (2303 Smith, 713-400-8400), I think, "Oh, shit, another pretentious club full of fakes and overpriced drinks," but of course I go anyway. I walk into the industrial-looking office building and realize I couldn't have been more wrong about the place. It's packed with a young crowd drinking up their week's pay. I'm trying to find a place to sit when Eileen asks me what I want to drink. Looking over the list, I'm turned on by the Bacardi Fiction. As I wait for my order, I check out the crowd, which is mostly single women smoking Marlboro Lights and drinking beer. There are hardly any guys -- my kind of joint. I'm slightly entertained watching all the flat-screen TVs and listening to 94.5 FM trying to stir up a buzz (but this crowd is buzzed enough). Eileen returns with my drink, and I move to the plush couches near the stage. I guess because I'm sitting by myself, a fortysomething woman comes over and starts talking to me -- just me! She is so hot, I immediately feel like a man-hunk or something. She tells me all about her kids and boyfriends, and I counterattack, telling her I used to be a male model. Later, she gives me her card. In return, I give her a Metro bus pass.

3 ounces Bacardi Silver rum
2 ounces sweet & sour mix
1 ounce triple sec
6 ounces Stewart's grape soda

Pour all the ingredients into a pint glass filled with ice and stir. -- Jason Kerr

Eight Arms to Rock You

SAT 10/29
Hipsters will be converging on Washington Avenue this weekend when local promoters I Heart U Productions present their second annual Halloween Bash. They'll be going door to door for treats -- this year's event will be held at both Mary Jane's and neighboring Walter's. The 16-band lineup includes the theremin-wielding Octopus Project and Houston Press Best Indie Rock winners By the End of Tonight -- and their Temporary Residence labelmates Sleeping People -- at Mary Jane's. The Midwestern punk band Dillinger Four plays at Walter's. 6:30 p.m. Saturday, October 29. 4215 and 4216 Washington Avenue. For tickets, call 713-864-2727 or visit $10 with costume; $12 without. -- Travis Ritter

Muertos Moves

TUE 11/1
You might remember making papier-mâché skulls in grade school for Día de los Muertos. It's part of the tradition of offering gifts to the souls of dearly departed loved ones, which are said to return home to celebrate during the Mexican holiday. This week, you're encouraged to bring gifts such as candles, flowers and food to Mango's Cantina for a Día de los Muertos celebration. DJ sets by Baby Roo, Saucema, Suma and Hippo & Estefex will rattle bones, and vocal performances by Karina Nistal and MC Love Sun will soothe souls. 6 p.m. to midnight Tuesday, November 1. 403 Westheimer. For information, call 713-522-8903. $5 donation. -- Eileen Aguirre


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