Killer Dance

Ladies, need a creative way to avenge yourself on a lying guy? Try dancing him to death. Hey, it worked for Giselle, the title character of the ballet, who gets duped by a royal in disguise (the jerk doesn't tell her he's engaged) and later kills herself when his secret comes out. When she's resurrected as one of the Wilis — the ghosts of women who died on their wedding nights — she has the power to force men to dance until they die (whether she'll have the nerve to do it is another story). Houston Ballet is far from dancing Giselle to death; it's been a company favorite since the Houston Ballet Foundation staged it in 1967. The dance itself goes even further back: It originally premiered in Paris in 1841. Giselle ain't going anywhere; too bad lying lovers aren't, either.
May 12-14, 8 p.m.


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