KUHF Silent Film Concert: Destiny

Firmly set in cinema’s pantheon for his masterpieces Die Nibelungen, Metropolis and M, iconographic filmmaker Fritz Lang had his first great success with the 1921 visually exuberant, existential fairy tale Destiny, which will be shown al fresco at Discovery Green as a co-presentation under KUHF’s Silent Film Concerts, with live musical accompaniment by Austin’s The Invincible Czars. When Death (stone-faced Bernhard Goetzke) claims her fiancé, the indomitable Lil Dagover challenges The Stranger to find someone else to take her beloved’s place, setting in motion three fantasy tales from Persia, Renaissance Venice and old China in which the woman’s love is tested. Forget the German gothic metaphysics, it’s the image that’s preeminent and wildly sumptuous — that staircase to Heaven, Death appearing out of a whirl of dust, the miniature army marching out of the magician’s box, the nighttime inky Venetian canals…7 p.m. 1500 McKinney. For information, call 713-400-7336 or visit www.discoverygreen.com/eventscalendar. Free.

Fri., March 6, 7 p.m., 2009


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