KUHF Silent Film Concert Series: The Unknown

Love costs Alonzo more than most men are willing to pay in The Unknown (1927), today's installment in the KUHF Silent Film Concert Series. The legendary Lon Chaney stars as Alonzo, a convict on the run who finds the perfect hideout in a circus. He poses as an armless knife thrower in the sideshow, tossing his blades with his feet. Alonzo falls for another member of the circus, Estrellita. She cares for him, he knows, but can't understand why she holds back. Then he discovers that Estrellita can't stand to be touched by a man's hands. Frantic to win her love, Alonzo goes to the hospital and has his arms cut off. (Ouch!) He returns to the circus, ready to claim Estrellita only to find out that she's been cured of her phobia and is ready to marry someone else. (Double ouch!) This is where those knife-throwing skills come in handy. An original soundtrack by The Invincible Czars accompanies the screening. 8 p.m. Discovery Green, 1500 McKinney. For information, call 713-743-0087 or visit www.discoverygreen.com. Free.
Fri., June 11, 8:30 p.m., 2010


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