Labei Ritual

Kitty may be shitty, but that doesn’t mean other maidens shouldn’t take on metal. Labei Ritual — which we’re guessing is the plural form of labia — is an all-dame death metal band that’s everything fans of the genre (read: mostly dudes) dream about (read: hot chicks who play metal). Lead singer/bassist Kristal Ritual belts out low-key, monstrous vocals that seem too dark and scary to come from such a pretty face. She’s backed by her cute cohorts, who deliver tunes fueled by fast guitar riffs and even quicker drums.

But these girls aren’t just a good--looking gimmick — they’ll knock you out of your combat boots with their music, which their MySpace page says is inspired by “the deepest, brutal, extreme metal!!!! And classical music!” Well, it’s nice to know they have a softer side. 8 p.m. Walter’s, 4215 Washington. For information, call 713–862–2513 or visit $10.
Sat., Feb. 9, 8 p.m., 2008


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