“Laughing Matters”

Breaking down cultural barriers and bringing groups of people together isn’t usually considered the work of mimes. But according to Texas Mime Theatre, a traveling troupe based here in Houston, these silent performers speak the international language of imagination. True to form, TMT has brought the art of mime beyond being stuck in glass boxes and climbing invisible ropes. Today’s performance, entitled “Laughing Matters,” will feature wacky bits such as a “Mechanical Man,” about a machine that goes haywire, and “The Bakers,” about a cook who has problems making a cake. The group has performed across Houston, including shows at Stages Repertory Theatre and the Houston International Festival. They have also played to audiences around the world, including an appearance at the Singapore Young People’s Theatre Festival, which won them “Best Foreign Group” by the Singapore press.
Tue., Aug. 28, 11 a.m.


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