The title character in the magnificently crafted film noir classic Laura is a beautiful, highly sought-after socialite played by Gene Tierney, who's been murdered. (In a very indelicate manner, we might add — with a shotgun blast to the face.) Only Laura's stunning portrait remains as testament to her beauty, and it's up to gumshoe detective Mark McPherson (Dana Andrews) to find her killer. Lynn Wyatt (herself one of Houston's most beautiful, highly sought-after socialites-cum-philanthropist) introduces Laura as part of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston's ''Movies Houstonians Love'' series. The choice is especially parallel-licious, given that Tierney eventually retired to Houston to become…wait for it…a beautiful, highly sought-after -socialite. Produced and directed by Hollywood titan Otto Preminger, Laura is rendered even more alluring by composer David Raskin's enduring score.
Mon., April 1, 7 p.m., 2013


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