Lawrence of Arabia

It's impossible to overstate the importance of the 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia. The biopic has influenced legions of filmmakers since its release. Without Lawrence there would be no Star Wars, no Dollars Trilogy. Steven Spielberg might never have gone into moviemaking. A newly digitally restored version of the epic set in the sands of the Middle East gets a one-time-only showing at the Alamo Drafthouse. Peter O'Toole, in one of his first big roles, plays T.E. Lawrence, a British army officer. Lawrence started off as an archeologist interested in the history of the Middle East. He became a key figure in the Arab revolt that toppled the Ottoman Empire. His skill at rallying Arab leaders in a guerrilla war against the Turks won him international acclaim at the time and catapulted him into lasting fame. Director David Lean's film shows the depth, courage and strangeness of Lawrence as he fights a war in the desert and in himself as well. He buys the British a victory with cunning and blood, and at great personal cost.
Fri., Jan. 11, 7 p.m., 2013


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