Lisa Marie Godfrey

A strange combination of national park imagery and children’s book-style otherworldliness inhabits the artwork of Lisa Marie Godfrey, who opens her solo show, “Sawing Logs,” today at Domy Books. “I came across these old hand-colored postcards of Yellowstone National Park,” says Godfrey, “and I really like those images because they have this weird hope to them. There are these beautiful soft colors, and they’re really surreal, and they don’t seem like they’re from this planet.” Godfrey says the pieces represent reflection and healing; the images have the feeling of rising, whether it’s rising smoke, steam, water droplets in the form of gems, or the kind of humanized raindrop based on a children’s book from the 1940s called The Little Bitty Raindrop. “In the book, the raindrop gets lost from its brothers and sisters and kind of goes on this adventure,” she says. “It ends up back in the ocean and gets evaporated back up into the sky…I just thought it was an awesome story of life, and I really connected with the imagery.”
Sept. 14-Oct. 12, 2007


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