Love Goes to Press

Martha Gellhorn and Virginia Cowles were two of the best war correspondents of their era. Between them, they covered every major world conflict during their highly respected careers, from the Spanish Civil War to the blitz of London, the D-Day invasion and the liberation of Dachau concentration camp to the Six-Day War and later, the invasion of Panama. Friends off the battlefield, they teamed up once and wrote the rarely performed little gem Love Goes to Press (1946). Think of the classic screwball movie His Girl Friday (you know, the mile-a-minute newspaper romp with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell). Now set that on the Italian battlefield in WW II and make both main characters women who are falling in love with soldiers, and you'd have something like Love Goes to Press. Grounded with the touch of real history, the story follows two independent women, crackin' wise, getting the scoop and falling in love. During the performance, you might get the feeling that one of the men bears a suspicious resemblance to Ernest Hemingway. That's because Papa Hemingway was once married to Gellhorn.

7:30 pm. Thursdays, 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, 3 p.m. Sundays. Through December 23. Main Street Theater, 2540 Times Boulevard.
Nov. 17-18; Wed., Nov. 21; Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: Nov. 17. Continues through Dec. 16, 2012


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