make eyes at me

There’s no story line to Suchu Dance’s ,B>make eyes at me. Company Artistic Director Jennifer Wood says the program is more abstract. “It’s not a story from A to B,” she says. “It’s more of a collage of images and feelings.” But the movements do explore ideas. One section deals with the failing body, while another explores couples’ emotions, varying from attraction to repulsion.

Wood says the production has a black-on-black aesthetic. “Everything’s black, the costumes are black and everything in the theater is black,” she tells us. “The only thing that isn’t black is…well, we call it the bladder. It’s a suspended mound made of warm metallic colors. It contracts and it moves as the show goes on.” 8 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex, 2201 Preston. For information, call 713‑529‑1819 or visit $15 to $25.
Oct. 20-23, 2011


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