Make Ours a Red Head

Perhaps one of the most apropos marketing campaigns we've seen in a long time has been the Jägermeister Music Tour. Over the last five years, the thick, ass-kicking alcoholic beverage that brought us the Red Headed Slut has also brought us some of the thickest, most ass-kicking metal acts, including Slayer (twice) and Slipknot. Today, Chicago's Disturbed headline the tour at Verizon Wireless Theater, with Bloodsimple and A Life Once Lost opening. Disturbed has been described as "the perfect music for stalking bloody zombies," which actually works out: There should be plenty of people coming out of the pit in a hazy stupor, drunk on red, sticky alcohol. See? Smart marketing. 8 p.m. For tickets, call 713-225-8551 or visit $32.50.
Fri., Feb. 3


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