Margaret Coel

Readers who like a little history with their mystery are discovering the novels of Margaret Coel. The author sets her books and short stories among the real-life Native American Arapahos on the Wind River Reservation, with plots based on actual crimes. In her latest work, The Girl with Braided Hair, characters Vicky Holden (an Arapaho attorney) and Father John O’Malley try to piece together the puzzle of a young woman shot to death in 1973 during the controversial, militant American Indian Movement. Her skeleton has only recently been unearthed on the reservation, and the killer has spent more than 30 years living nearby. And guess who may be getting a little too close to finding him? “Every day,” Coel has said, “I drink in the West.” And it shows on her pages.
Fri., Sept. 21, 6 p.m., 2007


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