Maria Dueñas

The trade paperback edition of Maria Dueñas’s international bestseller The Time in Between checks in at a hefty 620-plus pages. Let’s just say Dueñas takes her time telling protagonist Sira’s story. Sira grows up in Madrid during the 1930s, playing in her mother’s dressmaker’s shop. She has no idea that just a few years later she’ll end up in Tangiers, pregnant, broke and alone after a whirlwind romance. To make ends meet, Sira opens a dress shop of her own. Soon she’s mingling with the city’s wealthiest residents as rich women flock to her shop. But Sira is doing more than making dresses. She’s pumping clients for information and passing the intelligence she gathers along to the British Secret Service. Dueñas stops off today at Blue Willow Bookshop to discuss and sign The Time in Between. 3 p.m. 14532 Memorial Drive.
Sat., July 14, 2012


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