Masters of Semblance

For its upcoming performance, Masters of Semblance, Suchu Dance will have a very simple stage setting — a few chairs and a large table. Given the symbolic significance of the table — a common space, a meeting place — you might imagine that Suchu Dance would address these concepts directly, but Jennifer Wood, the founder and choreographer of the dance company, says, “We don’t really work from concepts like that.”

The Suchu Dance troupe treats the props simply as “geometrical [objects] in space,” but with props as significant as chairs and a table, meanings will arise inevitably. It’s the audience, says Wood, that will ultimately interpret the situation onstage as a community, or a board meeting, or people at the DPS office waiting for their names to be called. 8 p.m. March 24. Through April 3. Barnevelder Theater, 2201 Preston. For a full schedule, call 713-529-1819 or visit Pay-what-you-can to $18.
Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: March 24. Continues through April 3, 2011


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