Midnight Club

We love midnight movies, but we have to point out the irony of showing Fight Club, this week's pick in the River Oaks Theatre's late-night screening series, in one of Houston's most exclusive neighborhoods.

Don't the apartment complexes in River Oaks resemble the "filing cabinet for widows and young professionals" where Edward Norton lived before he found enlightenment through punching people in the face? Aren't the area's "international eateries" eerily similar to the upscale restaurant where Brad Pitt did unspeakable things to tomato bisque? Wouldn't the International Bank of Commerce be a prime target for the duo's homemade explosives?

River Oaks is a strange venue for a film about escaping consumer culture through antisocial violence. But it provides a social experiment. If the moralists who say violent films cause violent behavior are right, the two Starbucks that bookend the corners of West Gray and Shepherd won't have a single unbroken window the next morning.
July 14-15, 11:55 p.m.


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