Midnight Thugs

When The Warriors originally opened in New York City back in 1979, a gang fight broke out at the theater and left one person dead. Now that's what we call guerrilla marketing. Fortunately, when this cult classic — about a bunch of Coney Island gang members trying to make their way home — returns for midnight screenings this weekend, the most dangerous thing will be the fashion on display. Leather vests, face paint, pointy hats — it's all about looking good and kicking ass. In the words of the Warriors' gang leader Cyrus, "Can you dig it?" Get your vests on midnight today and Saturday, January 21. Landmark River Oaks Theatre, 2009 West Gray. For tickets, call 713-866-8881 or visit www.landmarktheatres.com. $6 to $8.
Jan. 20-21


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