Jackal and Hyde
Jackal and Hyde
Courtesy of Jackal and Hyde

Monster Mash

SAT 3/12

As scary as it sounds, with modern science delving into human embryo cloning, the gap between human and monster is slimming. But Florida-based electro-core duo Jackal and Hyde, who will be in town this Saturday, say tampering with musical genetics makes their music work. "It's always an experiment," says Todd Walker, one-half of the duo. "It's like creating an animal, and you don't know how it'll come out." There's a lot going on in the duo's monster hybrid sound: industrial, ghetto house, breakbeat, '80s pop, electronica and more. "It's moody," says Walker. "It'll go through pauses and breakdowns, some slow-downs, and then bam -- it'll be slamming you hard."

You can often hear elements of Meat Beat Manifesto, 2 Live Crew and Kraftwerk in Jackal and Hyde tunes. "The one thing our songs do have in common are melodies, keys, riffs and always a driving bass," says Walker, "whether it's a 4/4 beat or a break." Their new album, I Control Your Body, will be released this summer on Limp Bizkit drummer John Otto's Scheme Addict label, and will include cameos by Gen of Genitorturers and David Vincent of Morbid Angel.

As for their live show, "It's nuts!" says Walker. "We get everyone jumping up and down. The younger kids that have no idea are in shock, but they love that harder edge." 9 p.m. Saturday, March 12. Industry Cafe, 2110 Rusk. For information, visit www.77002.com. Tickets start at $10. - Travis Ritter

Dean's Raspberry Martini

It was one of those rainy late nights downtown, and not a soul was walking around. My mood was somber, dark and a little demonic. As I walked through the front door of Dean's (316 Main, 713-227-3326), I felt like I'd left this earth. Two guys were joking and smoking at the bar, and a guy up front by the window was painting over some crazy-looking canvas. No one noticed me. I stared up at a movie playing on the wall, which was unlike anything I'd ever seen. Ross the bartender appeared from the darkness of the back of the bar and started talking with the two guys. One of them seemed to know everything about Godfrey Reggio's Naqoyqatsi, and I listened, gazing up in fascination. "Would you like something to drink?" The sound of the bartender's voice startled me. He fixed me up with a raspberry martini, and I sat there and drank it in a trance. The talkative guy next to me kept jabbering on, and in a few minutes my mood had passed. I asked the painter what he was working on and tossed in my two cents about what it looked like. Then I ordered another drink and went back to the movie.

1-3/4 ounces Stoli Razberi vodka
1/2 ounce triple sec
Splash of sweet & sour
Chambord rim

Combine all ingredients except for Chambord in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a martini glass, then drizzle a small amount of Chambord inside the rim. Sip slowly"they tend to creep up on you. -- J.W. Crooker

Kinky Country

SAT 3/12

You don't have to live too close to the country to know that it gets a little, um, freaky out there. Case in point: Club Wonderland, nestled in the rustic setting of Cleveland, Texas, is having a little "Rodeo Night" party -- for swingers. Billed as a shindig featuring lingerie and leather, the event welcomes 100 "open-minded" couples to the hoedown on 18 acres of country. The only catch is that you must register 24 hours before the party. Swap stories and partners starting at 6 p.m. Saturday, March 12. 621 Oakridge Drive. For tickets and information, call 281-432-2110 or visit www.clubwonderland.com. $25 for singles (women only); $60 for couples. - Steven Devadanam

Giselle Not Included

FRI 3/11

Women of the world would feel a lot better about themselves if it weren't for Brazil: The country seems to export only flawless women (see the Victoria's Secret catalog). Then again, the men ain't so bad either (see the national futebol team). This weekend, revelers will salute Brazil's beauty, beats and simmering reputation: Join DJ Nando and DJ Mike C as they mix old-school Brazilian music with modern beats, tinged with hip-hop and salsa. Carnival dancers will shimmy through the crowd in traditional costume, and capoeira pros will demonstrate their dancelike version of martial arts. 9 p.m. Friday, March 11. Club Ice, 711 Main. For information, call 713-927-8895. $10. - Julia Ramey


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