My Filthy Valentine: Pink Flamingos

John Waters was the Alfred Hitchcock to Divine's Tippi Hedren. The Cukor to his (or should we say her?) Hepburn, the Henson to his Piggy. What better holiday than Valentine's Day to revisit the enduring love affair between one of Hollywood's most camp directors and his personal muse? Visual artist Tony Feher has bravely chosen a film for February's On Screen @ Blaffer series not generally associated with National Cupid Day. Appropriately dubbed My Filthy Valentine: Pink Flamingos, the film screens complete with Divine's signature dog doo-eating scene. The outdoor event is framed by Feher as a ''feel good movie.'' He reasons: ''No matter how bad you felt going in, you'll feel better on the way out realizing that compared to what was on the screen, things aren’t so bad after all.'' A word to uninitiated fans of Waters’ later, tamer works: This ain't Hairspray.
Thu., Feb. 14, 5 p.m., 2013


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