“Natural Abstractions”

“I view things in terms of powerful form and beautiful light,” reads Brett Weston’s statement on the wall at “Natural Abstractions, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston’s exhibition of about 50 of his black-and-white photographs. The shots depict a range of scenery, from adobe villages to New York City to wintry forests to barren deserts. They show Weston’s ability to enhance the intricacies found in both the man-made and natural worlds through dense blacks and bright whites. Building shows the reflection of a skyscraper in the windows of another; the glass bends and distorts the reflection, making it resemble paint dripping down the windowpanes. Glen Canyon, Utah was shot inside a cave where water and light play a key role, once again tricking the eye; the viewer must decipher what is actual rock and what is a mirror image in the stream. And Underwater Nude shows light coming through the water’s surface to create wavy lines on a woman’s torso.
June 9-Sept. 3


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