No Highway in the Sky

You hear him on the radio: Dr. John Lienhard of KUHF’s Engines of Our Ingenuity. He’s the guy who hosts those segments about science and discoveries and all that. Oh, yeah, he’s also the M.D. Anderson Professor Emeritus of mechanical engineering and history at the University of Houston (hey, we’re impressed). Today you’ll be able to meet Dr. Lienhard when he hosts a screening of his favorite movie, No Highway in the Sky, a black-and-white 1951 jewel directed by Henry Koster. It’s easy to see why No Highway is the good doctor’s favorite: It’s about a scientist, one Mr. Theodore Honey (they had names like that back in the 1950s). Played by Jimmy Stewart, Honey is an aeronautic scientist on his way to a plane crash site when he figures out that the plane he’s on is faulty — and it’s going to crash, too. So, does the brainy Dr. Lienhard think that we’ll eventually have a highway in the sky? We’re not sure. Ask him when you get to tonight’s 7 p.m. screening and let us know, will ya? Museum of Fine Arts, 1001 Bissonnet. For more information, call 713–639–7515 or visit $6 to $7.
Mon., Nov. 26, 7 p.m., 2007


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