Not Just Black and White

There's an arguably outdated anthropological concept that breaks human beings down into three races: Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid. But some modern sociologists think that concept is, well, plain racist. Today, the Center for the Healing of Racism launches a three-part video series called "Race – The Power of an Illusion," which tackles serious racial issues.

The first episode, The Difference Between Us, examines the new genetic-research science that questions the legitimacy of the traditional three groups. Other screenings include The Story We Tell, which uncovers the roots of the 19th-century science that created the whole race concept in North America. The final presentation, The House We Live In, posits that the idea of race stems not from nature but from politics, economics and culture. These shows are sure to have people talking. The Difference Between Us screens today.
Wed., May 10, 7 p.m.; Wed., May 17, 7 p.m.; Wed., May 24, 7 p.m.


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