On Screen @ Blaffer: Vivan Sundaram and Daniel Eisenberg

The relationship between creation and refuse will be explored in films by Vivan Sundaram and Daniel Eisenberg for this installment of On Screen @ Blaffer. Sundaram's two short subjects, Floatage: River Jamuna and Turning, follow him as he repurposes plastic bottles and other castoffs into works of art in his studio. Sundaram, one of India's first installation artists, uses a kind of personal surrealism to bring other people's trash back to poetic life. How things are made in the first place is Eisenberg's trade. In the documentary The Unstable Object, he chronicles the production of high-end cars, cymbals and even the Chicago Lighthouse, where crews of visually impaired workers build clocks in one of the few remaining American clock factories. Eisenberg turns the building process into something resembling a ballet, beautifully framing the amazing technology and skills that produce what will eventually be more flotsam for Sundaram to create with anew.
Thu., Feb. 28, 12:30 & 6:30 p.m., 2013


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