On the Right Track

Maybe it's the UK rock trio the Subways' youthful energy -- they have yet to reach the legal drinking age in America -- that has struck the right three chords with rock-loving fans in their target demographic (i.e., fans of The O.C.). Drawing influence from Nirvana and UK bands such as Supergrass and Oasis, the group -- composed of guitarist-vocalist Billy Lunn, his younger brother drummer Josh Morgan and the petite blond bassist-vocalist Charlotte Cooper -- tightly packs it all in on its debut, Young for Eternity. (The single "Rock n' Roll Queen," with its Sid Vicious-style closing screams, is a gem.) The Subways' bouncy energy and crafty showmanship will surely keep them around well into their late twenties -- and that's, like, a decade away. Gun Shys and the Ashbury Keys open.
Sun., March 19, 7 p.m.


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