On Your Top Eight?

Like many local bands - and many people on the planet - the Bluebirds have a MySpace account. However, you can't learn much from their page, except that the duo is looking for a bassist and a second guitarist, has 191 friends, and needs to do something about the transparent font that makes all of this information hard to decipher. Of course, none of this matters once the Standalone player loads and your computer speakers emit a simple, folky sound - like a light version of indie rockers Rilo Kiley - that melds perfectly with singer Elaine Michelle Greer's sweet, nasal-accented voice. Fans, interested musicians and Web designers should head to their show at Super Happy Fun Land tonight. They'll be joined by fellow Houstonians Rabbit Haven, Australia's Hussy Hicks and Brooklyn's Wildebeest.
Mon., July 31, 8 p.m.


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