Pablo Montero

Okay, any guy who has dated three — count them, three — Miss Universes has got to be extra-super-mega cool. Well, Pablo Montero is that. Good-looking to the point of almost being pretty, with a successful acting career topped only by his singing triumphs, Montero is nipping at Ricky Martin’s level of stardom. He’ll be at Miller Outdoor Theatre today celebrating Fiestas Patrias, which marks the independence day of several Latin American countries, including Montero’s native Mexico. (Is this the independence day where Mexico threw out the French? Or the one where they threw out the Spanish?) Known for his tight-fitting charro outfits, Montero cuts quite a figure on stage. Come see Montero’s firm thighs and perky butt today.
Sun., Sept. 16, 7:30 p.m.


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