Paint the Town

Okay, so there’s a high violence quotient in Paint the Town, but isn’t that the way with all anarchy? The play from Milwaukee-based Insurgent Theatre, performed today at Sedition Books, concerns Nadia, a young revolutionary, and Big Red, the guy who murders her family so that she can be free. The couple lives on the margins, making bombs on the kitchen table and stealing food. Of course, Nadia’s loving family doesn’t get her relationship with Big Red. And it’s no wonder, since the seriously disturbed guy wants to get rid of them all. The Shepherd Express of Milwaukee called the show a “radical drama based on cool thought,” as well as “an angry, smug, terrifying play.” Their critic also said, “Rex Winsome takes a scalpel to the values our society holds dear, and nobody is left unscathed: not capitalists, humanitarians, or revolutionaries.” Sounds like anarchy to us. 8 p.m. 901 Richmond. For information, call 713-523-0807 or visit
Sat., March 28, 8 p.m., 2009


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