Pam Ann: Cockpit

Thankfully ameliorating the perils of modern flight with her Mad Men-era attendant's cap and saber-sharp punch lines, that gorgeous standup stew from Australia jets back into Houston this week with the appropriately titled Pam Ann: Cockpit! The title is appropriate in that you'll see more gay men in her audience than on a junket to San Francisco for the Folsom Street Festival. (Google it.) Pam Ann, played by the charming and, dare we say, even demure Australian, Carolyn Reid, has worked this gig for more than 16 years, delighting earth-bound and in-flight audiences alike with an array of in-flight hostess characters. Hopefully this staging will include a visit from Lufthansa's dominatrix-like Helga and American Airlines' Valerie, whose years in the air have resulted in an unusual relationship with Osama Bin Laden. Some of her sky-high audience members have included Madonna, Cher and Sir Elton John. ''He's Rocket Man, although I don't know how many times you can hear that song,'' she snarks with full-on down-under flair, adding with a wink and a nod to her mainstay constituents: ''He likes to tickle the ivories in first class.''

8 p.m. Hobby Center for the Performing Arts, 800 Bagby. For information, call 713-315-2525 or visit $42.75 to $62.75.
Fri., May 17, 2013


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