Panty Rave
Aimee Jones

Panty Rave

SAT 2/12

Last July, Aimee Jones threw a party called Summer Sucks to give a sweaty send-off to her boyfriend, who was leaving town to attend art school. The boyfriend is no longer in the picture, but that won't stop Jones and friends from partying on Valentine's Day -- even if their visions of love aren't quite Hallmark-friendly. Jones and several artist cohorts are hosting another steamy shindig this Valentine's weekend to open their exhibit "Lustfully Yours," a collection of art that explores love. Jason Villegas's Technological Hemorrhoid conveys his feelings about romance (which aren't too fond, one would presume), and Jenny Schlief offers an installation about the dreamy way love is presented in fairy tales. Couple Amy and Levi Dugat pay homage to nervous grade-school note-passing with Yes, No or Maybe. And Jones's exhibit, Welcome to Aimee's Undieworld might have something to do with her recent foray into singledom: It features pictures of men from Friendster and MySpace whom Jones has rated as "hot" or "not," alongside banners of her in her unmentionables. Which surely deserve mention.

The first half of the evening will be aficionado-friendly: Guests can admire the artwork while munching on treats and sipping cocktails. But at 10:30 p.m., the lights will go down, the soul-heavy spinnings of DJ McCheek will start up, and "dirty dancing" will be the order of the night, according to Jones's mandate. Spread your love, lust or straight-up cynicism at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, February 12. Exhibition continues through February 27. Art Dust, 121 St. Emanuel. For information, call 713-926-1696. Free. - Julia Ramey

Komodo's Sex with an Alligator

"So, I suppose you're Karla," I said to the sassy little bartender as I took a seat at Komodo's (2004 Baldwin, 713-655-1501). "Who's asking?" was her short reply. I told her I'd met her girlfriend, who worked at a nearby bar. She relaxed, and to make conversation, I asked her how to spell her name. She held up a sideways peace sign and wiggled her tongue, indicating which letter of the alphabet her name started with. It put me at ease or, should I say, turned me on. This only begged the next question, which was what my friend and I were going to drink. "Here's something I'm sure you haven't had yet tonight," she said, fixing a wicked little brew called Sex with an Alligator. It looked lethal and tasted like cough syrup, but it sure got us buzzed. We drank it down and had one more. The only other people in the place were two guys attached to an electronic trivia game, who kept asking us the stupidest things, like the height of the London Bridge. I was more interested in the bartender. We shared another laugh and another drink. When she started telling stories about her friend "Busty Dusty," I was ready to stay all night.

1-1/4 ounces McCormick vodka
1/2 ounce Midori liqueur
Splash of sweet & sour
Chambord rim
Jagermeister rim

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and measure out the McCormick, Midori and sweet & sour mixture. Shake well and pour into a martini glass. Carefully add the Chambord around the inside rim of the drink, doing the same thing with the Jagermeister. The two liqueurs should separate. -- J.W. Crooker

Eight Is Enough

THU 2/10 Eight-minute dating? We know what you're thinking: That's hardly enough time to make a meaningful connection with a possible soul mate. Please. You size up people in half that time. And eight minutes is about, what, 16 times longer than the act of making love itself? So if you're age 27 to 35 and have waded through your fair share of "as ifs" in your search for the One, this process is perfect. The eight-minute rounds of harmless meet-and-greet ensure the timer plays the role of bad guy -- tossing aside the lowly losers when you don't have the heart to do it. 7:30 p.m. Thursday, February 10. Six Degrees Lounge, 911 Franklin. For information, call 888-808-8208 or visit $35. - Brian McManus

One Sweet Party

SUN 2/13

Obviously, all the "normal" party people will be out this Saturday night getting their pre-V-Day groove on. But where to go when all those lightweights have cleared out by 2 a.m.? Head to the three-story Empire Bar for a sweet little Valentine's Day "Godiva" after-party. Throw on something red, gold -- or both -- and catch NYC DJ Joe D'Espinosa on the decks. (We're guessing his breathy, throbbing "Dirty Sex" track will be quite the crowd-pleaser.) Get "kisses" at the door and meet your breakfast date (this party goes till 8 a.m.) at 3:30 a.m. Sunday, February 13. 108 Main. For information, visit $20. - Steven Devadanam


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