Paradise Misplaced: An Evening of Two New One Act Plays

Playwright/director Elizabeth A.M. Keel drew her inspiration for Paradise Misplaced: An Evening of Two New One Act Plays from real life. The first of the two short works is The Psychic Palace. It's a comedy about a couple made up of two people who have psychic powers, not that that does them much good when it comes to the romance department. ''They know all about the future, but they don't know much about how to be together,'' Keel tells us. ''I see all these psychics [in Montrose] and I thought it might be interesting if one of the people in a couple were a psychic. What if they both were, what would that be like? When you know the future, you develop a certain amount of arrogance and smugness. You're used to always being right, and there's nothing like a partner to put you in your place.''

The show's second play, The Rainbow Lands, is actually the continuation of a story Keel's mother wrote for Keel and her sister when the two girls were young. ''You discover in the course of the play that when they were little girls, these two adult sisters had actually been to one of those magical worlds like Neverland or Narnia with unicorns and all that stuff, which I call the Rainbow Lands. They've come back from there and have grown up and have decided that none of that really happened. Then a prince [from that world] shows up and needs their help, so they’re drawn back into it. They have to face the fact that they really were there and decide if they want to go back again.'' Michelle Sanders directs The Psychic Palace; Keel directs The Rainbow Lands.

8 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays, 2 p.m. Sundays. Through May 4. 14 Pews, 800 Aurora. For information, call 281-888-9677 or visit $8 to $10.
Mondays, Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: April 25. Continues through May 4, 2013


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