Paul Varghese

You may think the days of racial profiling at the airport have died down, but Indian comedian Paul Varghese isn’t taking any chances. “If I’m late to a flight, I can’t run into an airport,” says Varghese, who was featured on Last Comic Standing. Varghese understands the fear, though; in fact, he identifies with it. “I’m scared of terrorism, too,” he says, adding that he’s tired of hearing flying is the safest form of travel. “Nobody gets hijacked walking,” Varghese says. “It’s not like some terrorist jumps on you piggyback [and says] ‘Take me to Beirut. Don’t run; it tickles.’” The bulk of Varghese’s material deals with his heritage and ethnicity (e.g., arranged marriages, excelling in academics, etc.), making him the perfect choice to host Indians at the Improv today, which also features the South Asian stylings of Raj Sharma and Aaron Aryanpur. See if they can match Varghese’s wit.


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