Piss, Sex and Swirlies

Twenty-two-year-old artist Jacob Calle has a little social-disruption experiment he calls simply Scavenger Hunt. "Friendswood kids were having these weird scavenger hunts, and we wanted to do something like it but less illegal," he says. "Less illegal" isn't saying much. In fact, the last scavenger hunt, which Calle staged in Humble, almost landed him in jail for distracting a police officer. "There was a lot of ruckus on the last one," remembers Calle, "like sucking on a girl's tit, cops, blow jobs. That one was crazy." Perhaps because Calle insists that teams videotape their exploits as proof, sexual situations are a running theme in scavenger-hunt legendry. "We saw these girls, and the next thing I knew, me and this girl were making out naked. She gave me her panties and wrote my name above her cooch," boasts Calle.

Today, Calle, who in 2001 produced a Jackass-esque video called What the Hell?!?, will unleash his latest scavenger hunt concentrated in the downtown/Montrose area. The winning team takes up to $500 in prize money. The rules: You may use only one car and team up with as many people as you can fit inside it; you must provide your own video camera and tape; your team must wear a uniform with the team name displayed; and everyone pays a $10 entry fee. Teams have from 7 p.m. till 11 p.m. to hit as many items as possible on the list, which includes "make out with a stranger," "piss your pants" and "give yourself a swirlee." Calle points out, "If you're a girl, you get extra points on the swirlee, and seriously, sometimes you need those extra points." Afterward, everyone heads over to "someone's house," where the tapes are rewound and the scores tallied. The footage itself should be worth the humiliation of participation. "Regardless, at the end, you'll get some beer," offers Calle. "Or Sparks. I love Sparks." Teams meet at 6 p.m. Lamar High School parking lot, next to the tennis courts, 3325 Westheimer. For information, e-mail jacobcalle@gmail.com. $10.
Fri., Jan. 20


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