Readers Theatre

If you think Edward Scissorhands had it bad, wait until you meet Rupert; he has a screwdriver for a penis. An electric screwdriver, to be exact. Rupert is a character in Tommy Jamerson’s new play, Once Upon a Screw. It’s just one of the 11 short plays selected for the seventh Readers Theatre staged today by Theatre Southwest, all-new scripts that have never been produced.

But Ananka Kohnitz, who is producing this installment of the series, says one of her favorites is Once Upon a Screw, calling it a “makeshift fairy tale.” Cassandra and the oddly equipped Rupert are engaged. She wants to consummate the relationship; for obvious reasons, he’s hesitant. “It’s actually really cute. The actors are amazing, and it’s really fun,” says Kohnitz.

The works have a wide variety of themes and tones. In another one, two women have inherited a plantation, but in order for them to claim it, they have to go back in time and become slaves. Still another is about a man who confronts the priest who molested him. 3 p.m. 8944 Clarkcrest. For information, call 713-661-9505 or visit $5.
Sun., March 11, 3 p.m., 2012


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